The state of children's education in Uganda

It is safe to say that a large percentage of the children in Uganda are uneducated.  For the most part, education is not funded by the government; although some government funded schools do exist in the larger cities. This means that the overwhelming majority of families must pay for their child's school fees out of their own pocket.  Inasmuch as it is very difficult to make enough money for shelter, food and clothing - adding school fees to the family budget is strenuous at best.  It is not atypical for a child to attend school for one semester (a three-month session) and then sit out one or more semesters thereafter until his/her parents are able to pay the school fees again, if they ever do.  In addition, it is common in Uganda for all children to wear the school uniform, which is yet another expense.

And then what does the orphaned or abandoned child do for education? It is more important for these kids to seek food and shelter - there simply is no time or resources for education.

When talking to parents and children, they all agree that education is a primary desire as they all know it means a better life for the child and ultimately for the whole family.  So it's not that they don't WANT to pay the school fees, it's all about the ability to do so.  And then when you throw in the orphaned/abandoned child the desire for an education is almost greater, for how will they ever improve in life without an education?

What you are reading here is how it really is for the average Ugandan on the street.  It probably does not reflect the same information you might read as presented in an official fact sheet on the internet regarding education in Uganda.  

The truth of the matter is that help is desparately needed to get the kids the education they need for their future.