Faith Children's Home Expenses

First, let us say thank you to all of our partners and suporters. Because of your help, we have seen that being an orphan does not mean that you cannot have a future or a destiny. As you support these precious kids, they are receiving a future, a hope and a destiny. Thank you for joining us and becoming a partner with God in fulfilling James 1:27- For the best religion is to care Orphans and widows in their distress.

Our expenses are divided into two major areas. School Fees and Tuition expenses, and running the Orphanage.

School Fees and Tuition

Every year when school starts, we have to buy dozens of books for each every one of our 60 kids. We buy shoes, school uniforms, pens and pencils, reams of paper for each kid as a school requirement, and many other Basics. You can imagine all of these kids waking up every morning at Faith Children's Home and every morning knocking at Hudson and Mercy door asking for various needs or School supplies! 

Our total annual Budget for School Fees or Tuition is USD $8413 (This is split and paid in three installments). We support a total of 60 Kids, 50 living in Faith children Home and 10 living with foster families, church members in the community. Briefly here is the Summary of Kids, and classes:

Primary/Elementary School
36 kids: tuition per semester   =2,340,000 UG

High School/Secondary
22 kids: tuition per semester   =3,600,000 UG

2 kids: tuition per semster       =350,000 UG

Total per term
6,240,000 UG = $2804 US per semester, and there are three semester terms in a year.

Total per Year

18,720,000 UG, an equivalent of $8413 USD

Orphanage Expenses

The monthly basic needs of the 60 Kids under Faith Children Home are approx $1350 each month, to take care of all the Basics: food, clothing, utilities, salaries (for staff at Faith Children Home), shoes, bed sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, vaseline, feminine products, charcoal, paraffin, etc.

Here is a breakdown of our monthly expenses:

SUGAR 100 kgs 2,500 250,000
salt 1 Carton   10,000
cooking Oil 20 litres   60,000
Soap 2 boxes 35,000 70,000
Beans 100 kgs 2,000 200,000
Posho 100 kgs 2000 200,000
Rice 100 kgs 2,500 250,000
Meat 40 kgs 5,000 200,000
Fish 8 pieces 5,000 40,000
charcoal 4 sacks 20,000 80,000
fire wood 1truck   140,000
paraffin 5 litres 2,000 10,000
Brooms 2 3,000 6,000
tooth paste 2 dozens 15,000 30,000
Shoe polish 2 Dozens 20,000 40,000
Vaseline (babyJerry) 2 Dozens 36,000 70,000
Carry Powder 1 Dozen   10,000
Onions 10 kgs 2,000 20,000
Tomatoes 10 kgs 3,000 30,000
Steel wire 1 Roll   10,000
Fem. Products 1box   30,000
Diapers 1 Dozen   20,000
water Bills     80,000
Faith Home staff Salaries     500,000
Medical bills     120,000
Electricity Bills     100,000
Total in UGH     2,536,000
Total in USD     $1,335

The reality is that your ability to help a child or an orphan/abandoned child creates a future, a destiny and a difference between life and death. By your partnership with Faith Children Home, you are causing a future, hope and a destiny in the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children. All of the children at Faith Children Home are total orphans or "at risk" children. They have absolutely no one at all and need your help. 

Please consider partnering up with Faith Children Home both in prayers and financially.

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